Aliens touch down in 12 locations across the Earth, but what are their motives? Are they here to takes us over, destroy the Earth, or maybe even save us from ourselves? 

I saw Arrival over Thanksgiving weekend and I was stunned with how incredible it was. The film (directed by Denis Villeneuve who also did Sicario and Prisoners) presents itself as sci-fi on the surface, but what really makes it so successful is how dramatic, emotional, and human the story is. Amy Adams portrays linguist Louise Banks, who is trying to communicate with the aliens that land in Montana along with Ian Donnelly, a scientist portrayed by Jeremy Renner. The two stars have fantastic chemistry together and each give very impactful performances (especially Amy Adams). The editing and writing of the film is truly unique as well, crafting a story that takes all sorts of unexpected turns throughout the movie and always keeps you guessing. Parts of the film also gave me hints of 2001: A Space OdysseyClose Encounters of the Third Kind, and Slaughterhouse Five - which if you know me are all very praise!

If you are a fan of Sci-fi (and dramatic movies in general), I HIGHLY recommend seeing it while it’s still in theatres. Definitely one of my favorite movies of 2016.
 7/7 Heptapods!
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